Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tech Noooooooooooo

PROBLEM:  I like to give the impression that I am not technically challenged, but I really have a fear factor that lingers deep down within.  If I think about it, I am actually letting this fear factor control me and attack my self confidence when it comes to modern day technology.  I think the underlying fact is I am on information overload.  Every time I think I have mastered one thing technically, something new comes along and I am back at square one.

SOLUTION:  What I have discovered is there are tons of resources available to help with this challenge that I am facing.  I am also finding out I am not alone in these challenges.  So people need to know this is not as uncommon as I originally thought.  There are others that are facing the same challenges I am.  Once I discovered that it wasn't just me.  I knew I was on my road to recovery.  Now what I have to do is take action.

I find if I go back to my problem/solution steps I will be able to solve this.  I always have to ask myself 3 simple questions:
So What?
Now What?

My "What?" in this situation:  I acknowledge that I am having a problem with certain areas of technology.
My "So What?":  I have to ask myself if the problems I am facing with technology are something that I can resolve, or should I engage in getting help from others who have the expertise to resolve my issues.
My "Now What?":  I am going to analyze what is best for my situation.  There are certain areas of technology that I feel very comfortable doing myself.  But for those areas that have me challenged, and hold me back from successfully marketing my business and furthering my journey, I need to seriously think about hiring this portion out and leaving it to the experts.

Based on my above technology challenges I am going to take the following action:
Research where my current business needs are.
Talk with business associates to find out who they might recommend.
Within 30 days from today, hire the experts I need to get the ball rolling and my business marketing more successful.

I want to change my Tech NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to Tech YES in no time.

This is a great Tip for all of you facing the same dilemmas on your journey to success.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ready Set...

Recently I have attended several training sessions that were amazing.  From each training, or event I attend I always pick up a few special tips that I love incorporating into my FunSchway way of life.  One of the tips I recently incorporated was that of always being ready.  This was particularly important when it comes to public speaking.  There may be many times when you are preparing for a presentation so much that you forget the importance of practicing your presentation and rehearsal.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Golden Chicken Nuggets

I am a collector of what I refer to as Golden Chicken Nuggets and I am proud of it!  Whenever I attend a training class or any type I am always in search of those little nuggets of information that are definitely something that I can use in my tool box of skills I need to inspire and revitalize me.  I am a strong advocate of taking any training offered (even if it is a repeat of a course I have already taken) several times knowing it will always provide me with new nuggets of information I didn't remember from the first time. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Attitude of Gratitude

I know there are often times when we get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of our daily routines that we forget just how good we have it.  I try to always stop for a moment and think about what I actually have.  Sometimes it is necessary to just stop for a moment.  We need to take the time to realize just how lucky we are.  We need to develop an appreciation for what we have not necessarily what we don't have.  I call this developing your "Attitude of Gratitude". 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Heart Send

Thoughtfulness is something that many people think about, but often do not act upon.  It takes so little to be thoughtful and I feel it goes along way no matter when it takes place.  Here are just a few ideas about being thoughtful that I keep in my tool box.  I share these with you as a sample of the "Random Acts of Kindness" that I apply to my life daily.  These help me through the day, and make the day of those that are the recipients.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Rush Hour

Time management can cause major stress.  There are a number of things you can do to help alleviate that stress.  I am in the process of preparing for a gathering in my home that requires quite a bit of coordination.  I had a similar event last year and was so stressed out by the time the event happened that I was not able to fully appreciate the festivities.  I told myself that I would never let that happen again.  Since that time I have given the organization of that event a lot of thought and came up with a few tips that I am using for this event which will make it smooth sailing for me.  Here is what I have put into place.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Funny Business

If you really want to brighten your day, as well as, someone else's day, share laughter.  I find that laughter is the best medicine.  It always makes my day when I can laugh.  Life can be so serious, and stress filled, but if we can take the time to find the funny in life it can make all the difference in having a good day or a bad one.  I'm going to provide you with a few tips to keep the funny in your life.